Low porosity

What does it mean to have low porosity hair?

Our hair is made up of cuticles, low porosity hair has tightly closed cuticles, making it difficult for moisture to penetrate the hair strands. This hair type will take longer to wet and dry, products and treatments can also take longer to be absorbed.

How to care for low porosity hair?

To care for your hair type, look for lightweight hair products that can moisturise without weighing down your hair or causing buildup.

Some examples of lightweight oils that can provide moisture to low porosity hair:

Grapeseed oil: light weight oil high in vitamin E

Jojoba oil: Closest to the skins natural sebum, easily absorbed by skin and hair

Amla oil: A popular South Asian hair oil full of antioxidants and vitamin C

Brahmi oil: Known for being a deeply nourishing oil for roots and ends, this oil in Aryuveda is used to help with relaxation and help improve sleep.

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