Combination skin types have a wide range of oily T-zone and cheek dryness, ranging from a very narrow zone to a significantly enlarged area. Sebum overproduction causes the oilier parts of the t-zone, while the drier areas of combination skin might be dried out due to a lack of sebum and dehydration.

Ayurveda & combination skin

Pitta Dosha refers to the Ayurvedic term for oily, inflamed skin with a tint of redness. This skin type can be prone to acne, rosacea, or eczema. These qualities are associated with Pitta, the fire and water elements. In Ayurveda introducing cooling and calming herbs in your skincare & diet can counterbalance the overheating associated with this pitta skin type. Some examples include: Aloe vera which is known to be cooling and hydrating, while witch hazel has anti inflammatory properties and bentonite clay helps detoxify the skin and calms inflammation.

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